Passive Housing… the US is finally getting on the Eurpoean Bandwagon!

What is Passive Housing you ask? It is a new trend in the US, especially Washington state, and ESPECIALLY the East side of the state!

Passive building is a set of design principles used to attain a level of energy efficiency within a specific comfort level. The theme is :Maximize your gain, minimize your losses.”  Passive building has a set of principles. Here is what they are summed up in non-builder terms!

1. Continuous insulation throughout the shell of the home without any thermal bridging

2. The shell of the home is extremely airtight, preventing outside air and loss of conditioned air.

3. High performance windows (triple-paned)

4. Uses balanced heat and moisture recovery ventilation

5. Solar gain – maximize the sun’s energy for heating purposes

This is not just for single family homes either! These techniques could be used in apartment buildings and office buildings to save $$ on utilities, and to be more self sustaining. The long term benefits of Passive Building are outstanding! With he airtight construction it makes the home very comfortable even in extreme conditions. The continuous ventilation offers great air quality.

Yes of course, this home is going to be more sustainable… but what is the cost? Typically it is about 10% more to build a Passive House. but just think about the savings over time! It doesn’t take long to add up to that 10% AND you are living in a more comfortable home with great air quality!

Now can anyone just go out a build a Passive Home? NO of course NOT! The contractors have to go through rigorous training and an exam to earn the Certification. They have to learn how to master the craftsmanship and  techniques, meet the challenges present by different climates and conditions, and they understand the principles of Passive Building.

Do you want more information? Are you interested in building a passive house? Do you want a contract that is meticulous with the details and has been in the business for over 30 years? There are few certified builders in the Inland Northwest, but the BEST is Parsons Construction – You can go to their website to learn more about the company


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