Benefits of Buyers’ Agency When Purchasing a Home

Having the help of a Professional Buyer’s Agent to represent you in your next home purchase is always a good decision. Your real estate agent will take care of you and your needs and take away the hassles of navigating the muddy real estate waters. Here are some benefits outlined in the Law of Real Estate Agency as the duties of a Buyer’s Agent.

To be loyal to the buyer – Hello? Why would you want an agent who is not loyal??? A Buyers’ Agent owes 100% of their dedication and loyalty to you, the home buyer. They do not have a reason or motivation to “sell” one house over another, and can thoroughly put your interests above any sellers’ wants or needs.

To timely disclose the buyer to any conflicts of interest – This goes back to communication between the agent and the buyer, great effective communication is key!

To advise the buyer to seek expert advice on matters relating to the transaction that are beyond the agent’s expertise – There are several things that can happen during a buyer agency agreement in regards to a transaction, it is your agent’s role to be able to point you in the right direction when it is something outside of the scope of their work.

Not to disclose any confidential information from or about the buyer, even after termination of the agency relationship – This also goes back to Loyalty, when you have a buyer agency relationship, your agent will not disclosure anything confidential, even after the sale – this means you will always have someone on your “team.”

This is going to be the largest investment that you will make, having a real estate professional on your side is a very smart move. BONUS…. In most cases, representation by a professional Buyer’s Agent will cost you NOTHING!!!! The compensation that a buyer’s agent receives is built into the selling costs paid by the seller at the time of closing.


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